Brand Platform

Nebraska Medicine combines a proud history, a dynamic present and the promise of future excellence. Our brand is as bold, courageous and forward-thinking as the thousands of people it represents.

Brand Strategy

To provide insight into the changes that are taking place, we have assembled an informative set of questions and answers in a document titled, “Understanding Our Brand Strategy” that you can download for yourself or share with others.




As an accomplished leader in the world of medicine, the Nebraska Medicine brand illustrates our strengths and qualities: experience, authority, courage and wisdom. Likewise, our “brand voice” – which is the content and the tone of all our communications – exhibits those same qualities.

Our brand voice is:

  • Confident, not condescending.
  • Sincere and honest, not evasive and secretive.
  • Compassionate and human, not pretentious and aloof.
  • Dynamic and advancing, not stagnant and apprehensive.
  • Clear and straightforward, not complex and convoluted.

Communicating these qualities together with one voice sets us apart from all other health care entities and creates an enduring, recognizable connection with everyone we serve.


The tone of the Nebraska Medicine brand is focused, decisive, goal-driven and wise. Employing a consistent tone in all communications keep the brand message consistent, identifiable and trusted.


Our Story


On Oct. 13, 2014, the Nebraska Medicine brand was formally unveiled. It encompasses two hospitals, one at 42nd Street and Dewey Avenue in Omaha, Neb. and a second in Bellevue, Neb.; along with nine clinics situated throughout Omaha and in Plattsmouth, Neb.

Our former identity, The Nebraska Medical Center, was created in 1997 when the operations of University Hospital, Bishop Clarkson Memorial Hospital and their ambulatory care facilities were combined.

Nebraska Medicine employs nearly 5,000 people and has more than 1,000 physicians in all major specialties and subspecialties on staff. As the teaching hospital for the University of Nebraska Medical Center, our 627 acute-care bed facility has earned international acclaim.

Rebranding Process

The process to develop the Nebraska Medicine brand was extensive and thorough.

It began with discussions among representatives of all key stakeholder entities including our partners, the University of Nebraska Medical Center and UNMC Physicians. Committees gathered insight from internal sources, while focus groups yielded observations and opinions from the general public. Medical marketing, branding, information gathering and design experts were consulted to refine the opinions and data that were collected.

This process covered many months and served as both funnel and filter, ultimately producing the core message, vision and goals reflected in the final brand.

The result — the brand personifies the collective skills of highly-trained and experienced medical professionals, the wisdom of an extensive roster of respected physician-teachers and the insatiable curiosity of dedicated researchers. It effectively communicates the broad scope of who we are and what we represent.

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