The Nebraska Medicine logo is a distinctive visual representation of our role as a leader in the world of medical education, discovery and health care.

Logo Overview



While there are a variety of presentations such as vertical or horizontal, this is the preferred logo for Nebraska Medicine applications. It is also preferred that the tagline is used with the logo, whenever possible and appropriate.



The emblem represents both Nebraska Medicine and UNMC. Only use the emblem alone when referring to both entities, or when one entity is clearly identified in close proximity.

Locations and Specialties


Alternate logos are available that incorporate the names of clinics and hospitals not situated on the Nebraska Medicine main campus.

For more details, visit the Location/Specialties page.



Partnership logos are developed for organizations where a formal, collaborative effort exists between Nebraska Medicine and/or UNMC and that additional entity.

In these rare instances, the logo is comprised of the emblem and the name of the separate entity.

Logos are available for the following entities: Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center, Lauritzen Outpatient Center, Olson Center for Women’s Health, and Truhlsen Eye Institute.

For more details, visit the Location/Specialties page.

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Clear space

Our logo should never be lost in advertising print materials. It should not be crowded against other elements on the page. A minimum clear space must be maintained around the logo at all times, equal to 1/2 the height of the “Emblem” to ensure its visibility and protect its integrity. This clean space differentiates the logo from other graphic elements such as text, images and graphics.



Nebraska Medicine Emblem

The Nebraska Medicine logo is an emblem that bears three parallelograms that represent Education, Discovery and Health Care. They form a letter “N” for Nebraska. The upper edges of the N come to points on the left, indicating a continuous movement forward.

Emblem/Logo Relationship

The emblem is shared by Nebraska Medicine and the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) brands and is the unifying core of each brand.

Emblem Color Use

Red is the preferred color for the emblem and should be used in most applications. In some cases when the red emblem will not work on a dark background, the emblem can be reversed to white, preferably on a solid red background. Do not use a black emblem on a red background.

Never Evers

Approved Logo Color Combinations

The following are the ONLY approved logo color combinations.

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